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aulayan ([personal profile] aulayan) wrote2009-11-13 05:17 pm

Work things.

I have a cat on my lap. Two posts in a row, two mentions of my cat. I'm a crazy cat lady witho--she just jumped off. Thank god.

Today at work, I learned that catfish have barbs on their side fins that can hurt like a son of a bitch. We had a plecostomus that someone brought in in a bucket, saying if we didn't take it, he would keep it in a bucket till it died. So we were waiting till someone with a tank large enough would take it. And sadly, this happened while I was covering our Pet Care Manager's lunch. .... And I caught it with my hands.

Now nothing happened, of course, it wasn't until after the Manager came back she said "You didn't get stung?" "...They...They can sting?! What?!" Definitely learn something new everyday.

Today was quite boring, all in all. I had to cashier for most of the day, and we were dead. Though we're starting yet another Adoption Event which will hopefully mean dozens of dogs and cats finding new homes and be out of rescue agencies.

Especially the cat named Grady we've had in our adoption area for a while now. It looks like my cat's older brother (And so Andrea wants us to get him. ... Isolde doesn't like other cats, and barely tolerates me. ... So yeah it wouldn't work.)

And, the best thing that happened at work was when I walked into the breakroom at 2 pm and MyIndy TV was airing a disclaimer saying the following program did not hold their beliefs or any beliefs held by their staff members. ... It was the 700 Club. This made me laugh out loud, quite a bit. I loved it.

I think I'm done rambling about work now, my cat's trying to attack me.