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I haven't updated in 6 months.

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Third of May, Seven Magpies. So. Faeries, or In the Name of. My mind, it vexes me with possibilities.

Hm. I wonder what would truly happen if I let myself slip into the arms of Calliope.

If I truly were to let myself write and write, could I end up .. Mm. Here comes the self doubt. I doubt I truly could. Character speech evades me too easily.

But still. Mixing the Third with the Seven seems so obvious. I wonder...Add a parliament to the mix. That would make it awfully avian heavy however. It's fine if I ignore the penguins, and of course I would. Except Zo--No, Bad. No Penguins. They're not truly wise creatures.

Fuck I need time off. I need to -plot- this thing.

But how do the Third and the Seven mix together? Pride is the key. Pride, but how...Creation. Could do better. BINGO!

Ding, fries are done.
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"My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed. You're facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don't think too much further than that. And so what you've got to do is you've got to curtail that type of behavior. They don't know any better."

Andre Bauer, Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina

He was comparing Government assitance programs to feeding stray animals.

Not only just that. But he was saying poor parents of students who eat free or reduced price meals in school cafeterias should be required to attend parent-teacher conferences, or else the students should go without.

...The only problem with that is that sometimes, poor parents are required to work 1 or 2 or 3 jobs, trying to get by, and can't attend those conferences period. I do believe parents, poor or rich or in between (though the in betweeners are fading away more and more) should attend parent teacher conferences if ABLE. They should cancel social events for it, because it's about their kids. BUT if they have to work, they have to work. Because they have to pay the bills. Make sure their kids have heat, and water, and a fucking roof over their head.

So yes, even in two parent households, sometimes people have to work so much they wouldn't be able to do something so important. And so the CHILDREN would suffer. Yeah. That's smart. That's you're fucking compassionate conservatism right there.
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I wonder if Magpies are around here in Indiana. I truly hope not, I would hate to run into one (or nine if you trust the Scottish. And only drunkards and sheep trust the Scottish. And the sheep are learning).

So my mind is trying to fire up it's creative bearings again. But alas I must kill it dead. I don't have the patience to truly write what my brain is coming up with.

Also what kind of story has sorrow in the first act, joy in the escond, and by the sixth, Gold? (Perhaps a dearth would fit more, but that's more the Scotch).

Anyhow, I find old rhymes and superstitions intriguing. I Just came across this Magpie one and was thoroughly intrigued by it.

Now how to match this with faeries. Oh I already know....
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Tiny update before I head to work. I've gone green.

Why can be found here, and here.

As of this morning, arrests are up. The Chairman of the Assembly of Qom is arrested, their offices raided. Two advisors to Mousavi arrested, the offices of the Assembly raided.

And of course, Mousavi's nephew seemingly assassinated. Reports of him being run over, then those in the vehicle getting out and shooting him are now coming out.

And to do it on the Day of Ashura as well.
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Once again the muse overtakes me.

I have not written on this journal much, it is true. However I did recently post a little something to Customers Suck, Go take a look. I can wait.

Done yet? No? Haven't even go--Grr. I see how it's going to be.

The muse is a fickle thing, in all truth to it. It's origins are enigmatic, it disappears often when you truly need it most. We do blindly envy those who seem to have captured this muse and keep it chained to them, but often they fake it. It is why many series go downhill, as the authors force themselves upon the written word rather than let the muse guide their hands and thoughts.

It is quite sad, and often ends up in half of a book being one extended camping trip (Burn).

Deadlines are the enemy of the muse. When an author of any stripe succumbs to a deadline, their work is often harmed by it. That is when you can see glimmers of inspiration in the work, but oftentimes it is drowned by the brutal force that is writing.

Apparently my topic today is writing. Alright than. It only took how many paragraphs to get to here?

I'm not a writer, not in truth. I can edit papers decently, if I say so myself. Even modify things slightly to flow better. But to write myself? No. I can do things in one short burst, but if I save something written I will never come back to it. My muse is that fickle, it taunts me with ideas that it will never grant me the time to fully flesh out.

Now of course, I keep stating Muses as if they're real, and not just a creative spark in any given person. In truth, having been on the receiving end on Muses, sometimes it does cause me to wonder if these supernatural beings truly do exist. If so, where do they fall on the hierarchy of supernatural beings?

In Dogma, quite possibly Kevin Smith's strongest work (And, controversially, his last good movie), they were beings who were on the plane of Angels. Many sided with the Lord in Lucifer's prideful rebellion (One day I shall write on Lucifer and his relationship to Christianity, and to the historical development of the Sa'tan concept. ... I think that may piss people off.), those who attempted to stay neutral were punished as fence-sitters. Which of course states a rather American viewpoint, don't you think? Once war comes, every one has to give their all. Even if they are not fighters.

Of course as I do not quite believe in the Judea-Christia-Islamic God, that above was a waste of time to write.

The idea of Muses however come to us from the Ancient Greeks (as do many other things. Of course, things are twisted with history). They are the spirits who inspire creation, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. (seriously, Zeus, cheat on your wife with the goddess of memory? I'd assume if she never came back to you, that's due to her knowing how bad a lover you are. Ha Ha! I mock you in the winter, where's your precious lightning?!) Their purpose was to inspire men, and of course, each muse had a specific job.

The lesser known ones, that never seem to appear in popular culture will be mentioned first.

Erato is the muse of lyrical poetry. Given the name, I am sure many of you can guess what kind of lyrical poetry.

Euterpe is the muse of Music.

Polyhymnia is (Is it that hard to guess?) the muse of Choral Poetry. And mimes for some reason. The greeks were weird. Really weird.

Melpomene is the muse of tragedy. Thalia the muse of Comedy. Their sacred emblems are well known even today, though often are seen together, not separate.

Urania was the muse of Astronomy, which is an odd thing to have a muse for. Clio, the muse for History, makes some more sense. That at least requires writing. But perhaps Astronomy, the creation of global positioning models and the like, perhaps it makes sense. This would help explain the Antikytheran device...

Terpsichore is the muse seen most often on television, with certain reality shows at the moment. The muse of Dance. I would like to believe she does hang out around So You Think You Can Dance....But perhaps not. It *is* a reality show after all.

And that leaves us to the most well known muse, yet the one that seems most ill-fitting to modern society. Calliope. the Muse of Epic (or Heroic) Poetry. She appears in many places in popular culture. Comics, Novels, sitcoms, popular music...

It is quite odd. Perhaps, it can be argued, that modern novel writing is an evolution of Heroic Poetry. I would not be averse to that argument, it does make quite a bit of sense.

So perhaps it is Call--Oh, here I am referring to muses not just as real, but now going with these specific 9.

Humankind tends to anthropomorphize things. It helps us understand the universe through our limited experiences, afterall. God is a Man, just like us, but perfect (just like us. ha ha). Before Jehovah (and poor poor Sophia), there was of course every natural event being linked to a God. The Son was pulled across the sky by a chariot. Perhaps it was fleeing a alligator that wanted to eat it (Again, we do tend to use our own experiences as points of reference.) People believe. We see the darkness that is our lack of knowledge of the universe and are frightened by it. So we fill it, with Gods.

Because man is limited, we first filled the darkness with that which frightened us. Primordial beings that would eat us if we strayed too far from home. Eventually we filled the darkness with Gods who would rise up against the primordial darkness and fill it with light. But because man is flawed, the gods were flawed. We dare not think the Divine was perfect, for are we all not divine ourselves? Eventually that fell away, however. Then came the idea of Control. The Divine is Perfect, and thou shalt submit to it. For to not submit to that which is perfect is an act of Hubris and that--well. I'm falling into Lucifer territory again.

But we anthropomorphize. Even our own creations. Boats are referred to as "She". Our pets think just like we do, or so we like to make ourselves believe. Everything has to be just like us. Because if we think it's not like us, than it's the Other. The Outsider. And Outsiders are always terrifying. They are alien to us, their belief systems, their languages, all of that frighten and confuse us. And this is a very deep seated aspect of humanity, harkening back to the cave days. If not earlier.

And so, our creativity got anthropomorphized. Nine muses. Well, originally three. The Greeks, when not looking at other men in lust, really liked to be surrounded with more and more women. These nine muses would be that which we have to give thanks for our work. (As you can see, there are hints, even in Greek Mythology, that man is worthless and can accomplish nothing by ourselves) And they did not die out with the Greek way of life. Nor with the Roman Empire. They kept appearing in literature throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Now, few people do pay homage to these beings. A few plays, a few novels, come out, calling out to the muse in the opening paragraphs. But now we, as a species, seem to be growing more self confident. Willing to admit that we can do things ourselves. That's sort of terrifying actually.
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So, I was browsing the Hamilton East Public LIbrary's catalog and saw that they keep all their comics in the Youth Section, the "Teen Zone"

Now, to an extent this makes sense. "Oh Comics, they're all kids stuff". Except...the publishers have forgotten kids exist. They've realized (or perhaps created the situation) that they cater to adults. So the comics have gotten more "Adult" lately.

I put Adult in quotation marks, because these are people who are using the juvenile use of adult. Threats of (or actual [though not shown graphically] rape, meaningless death, gore.

Every once in a while they throw a good adult theme in there. But there are few truly good books at this point. In fact, many comic writers seem ashamed they are writing comics, and so very many prominent books have stopped the Hero v Villain battles and go into shallow depths of politics (both the personal and the external). And I say shallow because many of the writers do not grasp just what they are doing.

There are a few strong points, as always. Ellis always writes intriguing things. Pak as well. Johns is trying to keep Hero v Villain, but he gets bogged down by his love of the seventies.

But none the less, I know many parents would look at a modern comic and say "What is this doing here." in a TeenZone.

But it gets worse. They throw works of art such as Sandman and Watchmen there. Works that ARE Adults only, considered to be 18+, and to have a subject matter that is nearly mindblowing...and they throw them in the "TeenZone". How long until Hamilton County (And other libraries) face a backlash by a hysterical mother?

But seriously. Sandman...Wow. Literature, right there.
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So, a Swedish Subcontractor uses rabbits for fuel in Stockholm, Sweden.

Apparently they have such a problem of rabbits in Stockholm, they killed 6,000 wild ones last year, and so far have killed 3,000 this year.

Animal Rights groups are, predictably, furious.

But I wonder... It's horrible to think about, truly. But too many rabbits brings overpopulation, dwindling food, more starving rabbits. I mean this is the same reason that I support hunting in America.

But what would happen to the rabbits after they are killed? Burial? Cremation? Left lying there to decompose and be food? What truly is the best solution....
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So, I just saw a news story.

The Catholic Church is threatening Washington D.C., saying that if they don't take their same-sex marriage bill off the table...The Church is done providing social services to the city.

Yeah. "No gay marriage, or your homeless will suffer!" The Catholic Church has turned into a super-villain.

Seriously, If the fucking Democratic Party had balls, between this and the Stupak Amendment, the Catholic Church would be losing it's Tax Exempt status at this point. The Church has forgotten the laws of this country. At this point, many churches have forgotten the laws on politics in this country. Now outright threatening a municipality? What is this, the middle ages? Will they excommunicate the King of Spain next due to their gay-friendly laws.

Two people are in love. Denying that is not God's work. Seeing that, and saying you will no longer help the homeless is definitely not God's work. Learn your fucking religion.
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I have a cat on my lap. Two posts in a row, two mentions of my cat. I'm a crazy cat lady witho--she just jumped off. Thank god.

Today at work, I learned that catfish have barbs on their side fins that can hurt like a son of a bitch. We had a plecostomus that someone brought in in a bucket, saying if we didn't take it, he would keep it in a bucket till it died. So we were waiting till someone with a tank large enough would take it. And sadly, this happened while I was covering our Pet Care Manager's lunch. .... And I caught it with my hands.

Now nothing happened, of course, it wasn't until after the Manager came back she said "You didn't get stung?" "...They...They can sting?! What?!" Definitely learn something new everyday.

Today was quite boring, all in all. I had to cashier for most of the day, and we were dead. Though we're starting yet another Adoption Event which will hopefully mean dozens of dogs and cats finding new homes and be out of rescue agencies.

Especially the cat named Grady we've had in our adoption area for a while now. It looks like my cat's older brother (And so Andrea wants us to get him. ... Isolde doesn't like other cats, and barely tolerates me. ... So yeah it wouldn't work.)

And, the best thing that happened at work was when I walked into the breakroom at 2 pm and MyIndy TV was airing a disclaimer saying the following program did not hold their beliefs or any beliefs held by their staff members. ... It was the 700 Club. This made me laugh out loud, quite a bit. I loved it.

I think I'm done rambling about work now, my cat's trying to attack me.


Nov. 12th, 2009 06:15 pm
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There are twists of time and space, of vision and reality, which only a dreamer can divine.

Dreamwidth. Dream width. The wide spaces that lies within the dreamlands. We often enter herein from the port of Dylath-Leen, but those such as I quickly travel to Ulthar. Isolde is grateful for that.

There are many places to explore in the Dreaming, of course. And most of those are actually accessible to our brains even while awake. Our brains are, indeed, quite amazing things and are nearly capable of super powers (And there is now a chip out there that can cause telekinesis. I'm not kidding).

Often we are close to dreams, especially when young, but as the banality of life closes in, we have fewer reaches into it. We worry excessively. Work, Love life, Friends, Bills. All of it piles up upon us. The dreaming closes down, in truth.

I have noticed, that since getting married and having more responsibilities thrown upon me, I write less. Now there are many reasons why, in truth. It's not just Life taking away the Dream. But the Dream has suffered. Perhaps it is time to force the hand of the lords of Dream and reclaim what is mine.

Of course, watching a cat sleep, and enter Ulthar, is also a good solution for that. It brings a kind of calmness and serenity that few things can. Watching a cat sleep is almost like meditation in a way.

But I will not write exclusively about my cat. Perhaps I'll write about things I have found in life, Or about that which I have read. Idle thoughts pondered. Or in some cases, not pondered as stream of consciousness flows from me. As is often the way I write, in all honesty, as I do not edit.

Oh look how she twitches in her sleep. Perhaps she has yet to make it to Ulthar after all, and is still traveling there. The route can be perilous.

Tomorrow I go back to work, for six days straight. The most I've done in a while (though not the most I've ever done, of course. I believe that is eleven). The days shall mostly be easy, I feel.

She crawls onto my body and lays down as I type this. "How was Ulthar," I ask. She responds with just a look. She's rather warm, which is welcome as these autumn days turn colder as the Earth, and especially the northern hemisphere, turn away from Sol.

I believe this journal may be the restart of things, as I said earlier. Or, perhaps, it's just an attempt. Who knows.

But be warned. Herein will lie political content, as I am an unabashed liberal.


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