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aulayan ([personal profile] aulayan) wrote2010-01-27 03:08 pm

My mind works in odd ways.

Third of May, Seven Magpies. So. Faeries, or In the Name of. My mind, it vexes me with possibilities.

Hm. I wonder what would truly happen if I let myself slip into the arms of Calliope.

If I truly were to let myself write and write, could I end up .. Mm. Here comes the self doubt. I doubt I truly could. Character speech evades me too easily.

But still. Mixing the Third with the Seven seems so obvious. I wonder...Add a parliament to the mix. That would make it awfully avian heavy however. It's fine if I ignore the penguins, and of course I would. Except Zo--No, Bad. No Penguins. They're not truly wise creatures.

Fuck I need time off. I need to -plot- this thing.

But how do the Third and the Seven mix together? Pride is the key. Pride, but how...Creation. Could do better. BINGO!

Ding, fries are done.