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aulayan ([personal profile] aulayan) wrote2010-01-19 06:36 pm

One for sorrow, two for joy.

I wonder if Magpies are around here in Indiana. I truly hope not, I would hate to run into one (or nine if you trust the Scottish. And only drunkards and sheep trust the Scottish. And the sheep are learning).

So my mind is trying to fire up it's creative bearings again. But alas I must kill it dead. I don't have the patience to truly write what my brain is coming up with.

Also what kind of story has sorrow in the first act, joy in the escond, and by the sixth, Gold? (Perhaps a dearth would fit more, but that's more the Scotch).

Anyhow, I find old rhymes and superstitions intriguing. I Just came across this Magpie one and was thoroughly intrigued by it.

Now how to match this with faeries. Oh I already know....