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aulayan ([personal profile] aulayan) wrote2009-11-14 04:20 am

Catholic Church. Oy.

So, I just saw a news story.

The Catholic Church is threatening Washington D.C., saying that if they don't take their same-sex marriage bill off the table...The Church is done providing social services to the city.

Yeah. "No gay marriage, or your homeless will suffer!" The Catholic Church has turned into a super-villain.

Seriously, If the fucking Democratic Party had balls, between this and the Stupak Amendment, the Catholic Church would be losing it's Tax Exempt status at this point. The Church has forgotten the laws of this country. At this point, many churches have forgotten the laws on politics in this country. Now outright threatening a municipality? What is this, the middle ages? Will they excommunicate the King of Spain next due to their gay-friendly laws.

Two people are in love. Denying that is not God's work. Seeing that, and saying you will no longer help the homeless is definitely not God's work. Learn your fucking religion.