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aulayan ([personal profile] aulayan) wrote2009-11-23 11:59 am

Musing on Comics.

So, I was browsing the Hamilton East Public LIbrary's catalog and saw that they keep all their comics in the Youth Section, the "Teen Zone"

Now, to an extent this makes sense. "Oh Comics, they're all kids stuff". Except...the publishers have forgotten kids exist. They've realized (or perhaps created the situation) that they cater to adults. So the comics have gotten more "Adult" lately.

I put Adult in quotation marks, because these are people who are using the juvenile use of adult. Threats of (or actual [though not shown graphically] rape, meaningless death, gore.

Every once in a while they throw a good adult theme in there. But there are few truly good books at this point. In fact, many comic writers seem ashamed they are writing comics, and so very many prominent books have stopped the Hero v Villain battles and go into shallow depths of politics (both the personal and the external). And I say shallow because many of the writers do not grasp just what they are doing.

There are a few strong points, as always. Ellis always writes intriguing things. Pak as well. Johns is trying to keep Hero v Villain, but he gets bogged down by his love of the seventies.

But none the less, I know many parents would look at a modern comic and say "What is this doing here." in a TeenZone.

But it gets worse. They throw works of art such as Sandman and Watchmen there. Works that ARE Adults only, considered to be 18+, and to have a subject matter that is nearly mindblowing...and they throw them in the "TeenZone". How long until Hamilton County (And other libraries) face a backlash by a hysterical mother?

But seriously. Sandman...Wow. Literature, right there.